I want to do something different  in this post. I like you all to meet one of two of my dog.

Her name is Dollie and she’s a golden retriever at the age of four and a half.  She’s very pretty and likes to act like a queen around the house. Dollie is completely spoiled to the point of no return and if things don’t go her way, she will give you the world’s saddest face and be very dramatic about it. She enjoys long walks outside on the streets that involve sniffing almost every single plant along the way. Most of all, she likes a stroll through the neighborhood park, roll down the hill, and eat grass like a cow.

She is a part of my family and I love her.. and I know she loves me just as much.

Hope you all enjoy these photos of Dollie!

Dollie-2Dollie-4 Dollie-3 Dollie-1

Taken with Canon EOS 60D with Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM @ Monterey Park in California


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